My daughter was old enough to vote for the first time

Maelo Manning otherwise known as Libdemchild was able to vote for the first time last week after joining the party at the age of 10. It was a proud Mama moment. Maelo is photographed above with Adrian Trett who was a splendid candidate in Lambeth. No words can convey the pride at seeing her finally being […]

‘Orphan’ – part of feminist mothering poetry collection

‘Orphan’ is a hauntingly beautiful poem written by Blas Falconer and is taken from ‘Borderlands and Crossroads’. Blas is an acclaimed poet who has won a number of awards including the ‘Maureen Egen Literary Award’, the ‘New Delta Review Eyster Prize’ for poetry and the ‘Barthelme Fellowship’. ORPHAN I’d come to help settle your mother’s affair. […]