Putting context around sexism doesn’t make it better

https://youtu.be/GEBsDhhw-Bk A prestigious sporting prize is awarded to a female footballer for the first time. At the awards ceremony, she is asked about her dancing talent instead. Not only is she asked some innocuous comment about her dancing but the comment is sexually laced. This is what happened when Ada Hegerberg went up on stage to […]

After the mid-term wins in America, feminism is certainly not dead

A record number of women will be taking their seats in Congress after their mid-term election wins in the USA. As a sharp response to Donald Trump’s misogyny and his support,more recently, for Brett Kavanaugh, women turned out in droves to vote and support female Democrat candidates. About 100 women are poised to enter America’s […]

It is alright to cry on your child’s first day of school

There is a certain game of Darwinism played within the circle of mothers which seeks to shame those perceived as being weak and sentimental.  Crying at the school gates is one. Mother shaming takes many forms and this is one that occurs every September. It is the shaming of mothers who cry over their children starting […]

Time for the PM to trash that ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt given the Jo Swinson fiasco

The Tory Party who ideologically hates the thought of giving workers any sort of rights have suddenly found a way to make employees’ rights work in their favour. They took advantage of an MP who is on maternity leave by turning her absence into a personal political gain for their party. Jo Swinson, the Liberal […]