An Asian woman in Benidorm NOT Israel

While Priti Patel was ‘holidaying’ in Israel in August, I was on holiday in Benidorm. While Priti Patel, the former International Development Secretary, was unwittingly orchestrating her own downfall by furtively meeting Israeli ministers and the Prime Minister, I was persuading my teenage daughter every morning to get up early enough to have the buffet […]

Twitter’s confusion over what ‘#Asians’ means

The use of hashtags on Twitter may be a great social media innovation for getting a specific message across in the way the #metoo hashtag has drawn attention to rampant global sexual harassment of women. The flip side of the coin is the power of the eponymous hashtag to further reinforce and disseminate stereotypical demeaning messages and pictures […]

Fight racism because girls come in different skin tones

The Benetton ad below which features children of different races reflects the changing cultural context of the world that they are growing up in. On ‘International Day of the Girl’ the importance of sending girls encouraging messages to look upwards in terms of life and career choices should have equal footing with eradicating the structural inequalities that pull […]

Calling me a “F…ing Paki” does NOT make me feel like I am enabling your right to free speech

Somehow I don’t think the founding fathers of the concept of Free Speech had insults and slurs in mind when they put their highly intellectual minds together and came up with it. At the very minimum, racist slurs defy any pigeon hole, square peg in a round hole and logic of equating words that are meant to […]