Malaysia, a small nation, shows the world how democracy is done

Nationalism, a thirst for democracy and an inspiring sense of unity were the guiding concepts that saw Malaysia, a small nation-state, come together as ferocious Asian Tigers to break the shackles of a political party that dominated Malaysian politics for 61 years. To put this in context, Malaysia, a former British colony, gained independence in 1957. Harold […]

Kudos to the Lib Dems for tackling the issue of race head-on

It was obvious to me as a long standing member that there was something wrong with race representation within the party. Quite often it was a painful experience. Whether the reason was outright racism or unconscious bias it was tremendously difficult to break through barriers. As a person of colour one recognises these barriers and lives […]

Why I will be talking to Liberals about race in 2018

I am no longer going to be silent about racism. I am no longer going to pretend that racism is a thing of the past. Racism never went away. Ask any person of colour. Racism is alive but lies hidden under the carpet of Liberalism and so-called ‘progressive politics’. What is manifest is what I […]

Mums, you are your child’s foremost story teller not ‘Sleeping Beauty’

A mother has called for the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale to be banned from schools for fear that a kissing scene featured could encourage ‘inappropriate behaviour’.  Sarah Hall from Newcastle is concerned about the message the scene is sending to her 6-year old son on consensual relations.  A Prince kissing a sleeping woman who, obviously, has not […]