A warming Malaysian dish for the cold weekend ahead – Penang Nyonya Fish Curry

Quick Info: Serves: 4 with accompaniments Difficulty: easy Time: 30 mins Ingredients: 2 Sea bream, about 650g to 750g – cleaned and gutted, or 4 Mackerel fillets 3 Tbsp Fish curry powder or 2 Tbsp curry powder with 1 Tbsp of coriander powder if you prefer the curry to be less hot. If you are […]

Anwar Ibrahim – the man with two faces?

Anwar Ibrahim must be one of the most well known politicians globally to hail from Asia. He is a rare politician from the Asian continent who manages to straddle both East and West through an understanding of the interplay between cultural and political practices. I watched him speak at the London School of Economics a few […]

A roundup of what is making the news in Malaysia

This is the second in the series of ‘A Round up of what is making the news in Malaysia’. I explained the reasoning behind it in my first post. Malaysian politics continues to excite and stun in equal measure. The most exciting news has to be that Anwar Ibrahim is standing for Parliament. Anwar Ibrahim […]

Malaysia celebrates 61 years of independence

Malaysia celebrates Merdeka Day today. Translated into English, it means ‘Independence Day’. Pomp and pageantry mark the day every year as it did today in Malaysia. The anniversaries are milestones of the growing number of years since the country gained independence from Britain. It has been six decades. Malaysia is undergoing a political sea change that would […]

Indian Nationalism which disregards rape culture shakes my Liberal self

I was watching the Newsnight interview with Arundhati Roy regarding her views on how nationalism has been a potent force in encouraging the Indian rape culture. The brand of nationalism that is practised in India is extremely dangerous for the way that it cuts across class, caste, gender and age in commanding an uber sense […]