My name is Jane Chelliah. Welcome to my blog.

About six years ago I decided to become a blogger. There weren’t and still aren’t many Asian (Tamil) bloggers about, much less mum Asian bloggers. With intersectionality issues starting to gain prominence I decided that there was enough space in the blogger sphere for an Asian woman who is over 40 years old with a mixed-race daughter and who has a lot to say about feminist mothering, feminism, life and race issues.

My national and international readership levels have soared over the years. This is important to me because being a Feminist mother is a lived experience. Consequently, it is about sharing experiences and views in the hope that It will help other mothers. If you are wondering what ‘Feminist Mothering’ is please click on the links below to articles that I have written.

‘Mothers for a Progressive Alliance’ is a group that I founded to raise awareness of how politics affects mothers. The launch event was held in November 2017. The group is backed by Compass, a highly respected London based left-wing think tank, and is part of their Progressive Alliance movement. Politics is a passion of mine and I am studying part-time for a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations at the London School of Economics. I also read Law many moons ago.

Please check my events page to get involved with politics and mothering issues and it would be a pleasure to welcome you to one of these.
I can be contacted on ambitiousmamas@gmail.com and would be delighted to hear from you about your views on my blog posts. I am also listed with Ace Media. I am looking to work with advertisers and sponsors and am open to offers.

My blogging credentials

I am a writer for Diem25, a movement founded by Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister for Greece.

I co-host a radio programme on progressive politics on the third Tuesday of every month at k2k radio.

I blog about European issues for Diem25 which is a movement founded by Yanis Varoufakis, the ex-finance minister for Greece, for progressive democrats. I co-host a radio programme on feminism on the last Wednesday of every month at K2K Radio.

I wrote a chapter titled ‘Austerity and Gender Neutrality: The Excluding of Women and Mothers from Public Policy in the UK’ in a journal titled ‘Mothering in the age of neoliberalism’ published by MIRCI.

Jane Chelliah with Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece and co-founder of DiEM25
Jane Chelliah in the middle with her radio co-hosts on K2K Radio Station

I am the UN UK Women’s representative on GAPS for UN Resolution 1325

Mother activism on the rise in ‘Occupy.Com’: http://www.occupy.com/article/mother-activism-rise#sthash.prjnixxd.dpbs

I was also featured in a list of influential women in the world: http://ambitiousmamas.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/my-inclusion-in-red-elephants-list-of.html
I was on the political committee that produced a paper titled: ‘The Purpose for Politics: Quality of Life
I was a co-author of a political paper called: ‘Age Ready Britain’
I have presented papers on feminist mothering in Toronto, Lisbon and at the University of London.


Jane Chelliah with Christiane Amanpour, CNN Chief International Correspondent, at a UK UN Women's Breakfast meeting in 2017