A warm welcome to my blog. My name is Jane Chelliah and I started this blog some 5 years ago to share my experience as a feminist mother. I am often asked what ‘feminist mothering’ means. I wrote about it for the FWord feminist site when I was the guest blogger for the month of March in 2016. In a nutshell, it is about mothering in a way that creates a lifestyle which benefits both you and your children. I have a teenage daughter called Maelo. 

I always keen to hear stories about how other women choose to mother. ‘Feminist mothering’ is a lived experience and an ideology and many mothers practice it without actually realising that there is a school of thought attached to it.

My blogging credentials 
I am a Huffpost blogger and I am the official blogger for the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement.  

I also blog for international websites at:  https://www.collectivevoicemag.com/ and feminisminindia.com. 

I blog about European issues for Diem25 which is a movement founded by Yanis Varoufakis, the ex finance minister for Greece, for progressive democrats. 

My personal details 
I enjoy blogging about mothering issues, politics and cultural issues. 

I co-host a radio programme called ‘Me, Myself and I’ on the last Wednesday of every month at K2K Radio. 

I am the UN UK Women’s representative on GAPS for UN Resolution 1325 

I can be reached at: ambitiousmamas@gmail.com

Here are some articles that I have written:

Mother activism on the rise in ‘Occupy.Com’


I was the March 2016 guest blogger for the Fword. My posts can be found here https://www.thefword.org.uk/author/jane-chelliah/

This post tackles race issues and was published in the Huffington post:


I was also featured in a list of influential women in the world: 


I was on the political committee that produced a paper titled: 

‘The Purpose for Politics: Quality of Life

I was a co-author of a political paper called:Age Ready Britain’

I wrote a chapter titled ‘Austerity and Gender Neutrality: The Excluding of Women and Mothers from Public Policy in the UK in a journal titled ‘Mothering in the age of neoliberalism’ published by MIRCI