The essential guide to buying a new midlife car

Buying a new car is an art that can be tricky to master. You need to consider how you can find yourself a reliable motor that doesn’t cost the Earth, that is easy to maintain, that has great fuel economy and that looks pretty good when you’re driving it.

The thought of parting with your hard earned cash only to find something wrong with the car six months later is terrifying. Cars are big ticket items that you don’t purchase all that often so you need to get it right. The sporty little number that a mid-life crisis may welcome is not always the right car to go for. Take a look at how you can purchase yourself the perfect car that suits your lifestyle.

Be practical

When you hit the middle of your life, you may be pondering on your own mortality and you may be hankering after your youth. When you were younger, you didn’t have the money to buy the convertible that you adored or the classic little car that you were obsessed by. While you now have the means to buy these vehicles are they the practical choice?

If you need to commute long distances for business or you have to ferry the kids all over the place at the weekend, your two seater MG or your Lotus might not be practical. You need to think about the sort of car that will fit your lifestyle and your family. Purchase wrong and you will end up selling quickly and losing cash.


Just because you have the cash doesn’t mean that you have to spend it. Think about bagging yourself a bargain by heading to reputable used car establishments like your local Vauxhall Astra dealer to source the finest quality vehicles that come with a warranty and free servicing. You could even wangle yourself some money off alongside a full tank of fuel and free car mats. Once you have your motor, think about how you can keep running costs down. Drive in a defensive way and stick to speed limits to keep your fuel economy at its optimum. The cost of your car can also be kept low if you maintain it yourself. Get yourself a manual and service your own vehicle, top up the oil regularly and check tyre pressure before every long journey.

Road trip

If you are eager to travel a little more once the lockdowns are finally at an end, why not get a car that is suitable for road tripping. A VW campervan could be perfect if you fancy touring around the campsites of the south coast. Camping doesn’t have to mean slumming it. You can venture to glamp sites and sleep under the stars while your achingly cool retro campervan is parked up next to you. Ensure that any car you purchase with a road trip is comfortable. You’ll be behind the wheel for hours at a time so ensure the seat is fully customisable and you have air conditioning for those balmy summer days of travel.

A mid life crisis doesn’t have to mean a cringe worthy sports car has to sit on your driveway. Follow this guide and find your perfect mid-life car.


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