Remembering John F Kennedy on his 57th death anniversary

John F Kennedy was assassinated 57 years ago today but still retains high approval ratings for a President, the type of numbers which Donald Trump would like to think he commands but doesn’t. In no small part, it is significant that JFK’s death anniversary falls between Joe Biden being elected as President nominee and taking up office in January.

The world needs another beacon of hope.

It’s unthinkable that the Trump-Pence presidency could even claim a crumb of JFK’s presidency table given that JFK accomplished or put in motion changes that would bring long lasting change to the way civil rights, especially, was viewed.

Biden ascends at a time when Black Lives Matter has become a global movement.

There are parallels of the political hunger among American voters for the sort of change and hope which JFK brought and personified. Let’s hope that Biden is able to fulfil the hope vested in him by those desperate for change.


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