Florida midlife influencer votes for Biden in the American election

Lorraine Cladish is a well known international midlife influencer. We are connected on Instagram. I asked her for this interview which I am grateful to her for doing. Lorraine spoke about living in a neighbourhood in Florida which is pro-Trump and why she wants Biden to succeed. Hers is a ‘on the ground’ view. (Apologies for the buffering. The link between London and Florida wasn’t always clear.)

Florida is a key swing state because it offers 29 electoral college votes. The winning candidate needs to have acquired 270 votes which is why collecting 29 votes from one state is a huge deposit in the election bank for the path to total victory.

Last night, Reuters gave Joe Biden a lead in Florida. Trump won Florida in 2016 over Hillary Clinton. The game may be different this time due to a shifting demography and Latino voters who are not put off by Trump’s scaremongering of Biden being some sort of dangerous socialist.

According to a report in The New York Times, Pinellas County in Florida may hold the key to victory. The population includes a good number of older retirees and suburban women, two groups shown by polling to significantly favor Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic presidential nominee. Yet the county’s voting preferences this year are much harder to discern: Among registered voters, about 256,000 are registered as Democrats and about 252,000 as Republicans. That leaves Pinellas as a swing county in a swing state.

Seen as a ‘bellwether state’, the last person to win the White House without also winning the ‘Sunshine State’, as Florida is called, was John F Kennedy in 1960. Especially for Republicans, whose electoral college “road map” is much tighter than that of the Democrats, winning Florida is seen as key.

It is hard to believe that America is rapidly taking on the political appearance of a third world country. Authoritarian rule, political lies told on a daily basis, denouncing the media and the politics of a personality cult aren’t the hallmarks of democracy. Anyone who has lived in a third world country will be watching in horror at America’s decline and at the complicity in allowing this to happen.

Here’s wishing Joe Biden every success.


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