Karma makes an appearance in the Rose Garden

Taken from The Guardian

Victories can be false ones and it is only the utterly reckless, stupid and arrogant who would lack a store of common sense and prescience to see every opportunity, which presents itself, as something to be victorious over.

On the day that the Grim Reaper claimed the former Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Republicans smelt victory. While Donald Trump praised the Justice for her contribution to the Supreme Court, he was also actively planning to fill the vacancy in a rush job before the election.

Trump was elected on a ultra Conservative ticket and filling the vacancy quickly would have boosted his chances of galvanising his voter base. The pro-life brigade cheered him on despite the fact that, when the opposite happened during Obama’s presidency, they objected to filling the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

And so it came to pass that Donald Trump and his minion posse of nay saying Republicans held, in what has now become known, the ‘Rose Garden Massacre’, They gathered as victors, maskless, and expected the virus to, somehow, leave them alone. On the contrary, there was nothing fragrant in that Rose Garden. The virus was rampantly moving among them. The list of the rich and powerful who are infected is growing.

Some of those who colluded with Donald Trump in downplaying a pandemic that has killed over 200,000 Americans are now lying low from the virus. Trump himself is being administered drugs which are normally reserved for extreme cases of Covid infections.

It all began at an event designed to subvert the norms of justice. Nomination to the Supreme Court to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat ought to be done fairly under the next Presidency. Instead, the Republicans rushed through the nomination. The Republicans are adamant about repealing Obamacare and weighting the Supreme Court in their favour will give them a good stab at doing so. The fact that people will not be able to afford healthcare during a pandemic is neither here nor there.

But, the best laid plans these days are subverted by the virus. It doesn’t discriminate nor honour special occasions. It doesn’t ring fence itself away from any place or space. The Republicans thought that they were exempt from a virus which is rife globally because they chose to listen to a self-obsessed President rather than the evidence of science. Karma had other plans for them.


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