Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is in labour but the one question on my mind

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While most parents may wonder about the sex of their child, mixed race parents have the added thrill of wondering what skin colour their child will have. I suspect that the press will be too afraid to mention skin colour for fear of being seen as racist but it really isn’t racist to be curious about this fact.

I didn’t know the sex of my child before she was born. After being told that it was a girl, I waited for her to be placed in my arms for the added curiosity of just setting eyes on her. To me, I had given birth to a mixed-race child and her skin colour was part of her identity from having parents of different races.

With my daughter Maelo Manning

Upon setting eyes on her, my second reaction was, ‘how?’ She was as White as her father with no hint of being Indian. If I knew then what I know now, 19 years later, it would have been the added parenting complexity of bringing up a mixed-race child who looked like the dominant race but wasn’t. That’s another story.


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