Alan B’Stard captured the current mood of ultra Tory Brexiters 28 years ago

I was a great fan of the TV comedy series ‘The New Statesman’ which starred Rik Mayall as the ultra right wing Tory MP of a fictitious place called ‘Haltemprice’ in Yorkshire. The series first aired in 1987 in the Margaret Thatcher era. It was a product of and well suited to the Gordon Gekko and return of the ‘Tory Toffs’ era resulting from the deregulation of the financial industry.

Parody as it was then, there seems to be a frightening reality about the character that is relevant right here and now in Brexit time. Tory characters like Boris Johnson and Jacos Rees-Mogg could well be substituted for the way Rik Mayall’s character speaks and issues a call to arms to nostalgic Brits. While I don’t think that all leavers are hankering after bygone days, I do think that a number buffeted by their wealth and privilege, are.

Presenting the future of Britain as a colossal power delinked from trading networks and Blocs is pure fallacy.

What we are witnessing is a crisis of British capitalism. What else could bring a Tory shire nationalist together with a working class person struggling on low wages and who lives in the provinces? Austerity is much to blame for the latter’s voting choice in the referendum which makes me wonder why Jeremy Corbyn isn’t altering his position on a people’s vote.

The Lib Dems were right to kickstart the ask for a vote on the final terms.

Wikipedia describes Alan B’Stard as a ‘selfish, greedy, dishonest, devious, lecherous, sadistic and a self-serving ultra-right-wing Conservative backbencher’




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