Voter apathy is a gift to the Brexiteers

The stock phrase, “I wish they would just get on with it”, is, frankly, a gift to the Brexiteers.  It is a phrase and, far more importantly, a mind set that reeks of apathy. It is the sort of apathy that speaks of a disassociated attitude thereby giving the Brexiteers the ammunition that they need.

While the Brexiteers lack any single original contribution to the whole issue of the EU negotiations the one thing that they do have on their side is time.  As we fast approach the deadline date of 29 March in 2019 and with no consensus in sight, the possibility of crashing out of the EU without a deal seems likely. By voters telling the government to “…get on with it” time becomes a signifier of power to the Brexiteers.

I am reminded of the time when the Lib Dems were negotiating with the Conservatives in 2010 about the terms of the coalition and time was considered to be of the essence. Pressure was put on the negotiating parties to reach a deal quickly without due regard for substance. Time is a useful resource for the mitigation of democracy. Forget about striking a good deal that comes up with a balanced consideration of the costs and benefits lost and possibly to be gained.

Just hurry up.

In typically true British fashion a stereotypical phraseology is used instead in place of hard headed wisdom. This is so British. It is cultural. Everything has to be done in a hurry. The failing is in drawing an equivalence between telling your, for example, children to hurry up and telling the Government to hurry up. In the former case your children will probably still arrive at their destination even if late. With politics, telling the powers that be to quicken their pace is the sort of voter apathy that could result in a car crash.

It is, pure and simply put, an abdication of democratic citizenry.



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  1. nigel hunter
    August 1, 2018 / 7:36 am

    I notice in other countries they take their time to come to an agreement. It does not seem to affect them badly. When we next get to a coalition Govnt we must RESIST the culture to come to a rapid agreement. The pressure in 2010 did not help our position. If necessary we should not enter one but sit on the sidelines voting on individual policies

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