Tory Party’s desperate email to members about Momentum

Tory MP George Freeman has made a plea for leadership and vision to energise Tory activists to take on Momentum. On the 2nd of February a piece was published in the Huffington Post UK detailing George Freeman’s worry about low morale among Tory activists.

Strikingly, it is the centrality of the emphasis on Momentum which, to me, points to a level of envy over Jeremy Corbyn commanding a strong national movement behind him. George Freeman uses words like “downtrodden”, activists needing “thanks” and “support” to describe just how low Tory activists are feeling. He then, seemingly, uses Momentum as some sort of standard bearer of political party activism.

The Tory knives are out for Momentum. By the way,  I am surprised that the Tory Party has enough knives left given just how many they have been using to knife each other with in recent weeks.

Cue the Tory Party email sent out yesterday to members making a mountain out of a molehill on the back of, yes, Momentum. The email is a cynical and tawdry attempt to turn a fight at a speaking event by Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, into some sort of constitutional mini-crisis involving free speech. We already have free speech. We don’t need to sign petitions.

Ah, but do we?

The email from Brandon Lewis, Tory MP, sets a limit on the grandstanding call by limiting it to Conservative speakers. In other words, members are being asked to sign a petition for something which is constitutionally available, free speech, which will be submitted to the party that they support supporting a call for more of their speakers to be heard. Desperation personified.

Makes about as much sense as their Brexit shenanigans.



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