What about the ‘detritus’ created by the Tories?

Photo taken off Twitter from Simon Dudley’s account. No homeless person in sight

Who on earth uses the word ‘detritus’? How many people on the night before rubbish collection day announce that they are going to put the “detritus out”? I don’t know about you but my family would look at me in confusion wondering whether I had had one too many.

The answer is a Tory, of course. As sure as night and day you can trust a Tory to resort to language that goes beyond making a point. If you are going to open your mouth to speak you may as well put the boot in it too while you are at it.

Simon Dudley, leader of the Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, rose to the occasion when he wrote to Thames Valley police about the problem of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Windsor. According to Dudley, “bags and detritus” belonging to the homeless is a problem.

Dudley was so troubled by this “detritus” that he even tweeted about the problem while SKIING in Wyoming.  Amazing what the problem of ‘detritus’ can do to one.

The Tories have been insidious in their use of language. Boris Johnson is, of course, the high priest of this practice of using or making up words which don’t add anything of substance apart from to further the Tory ideology.

The Tory party has become a faction in the political sphere. It doesn’t behave like a political party. Yes it exercises power and occupies democratic institutions but does this equal responsible political exercise?

If it were a properly functioning political party it would recognise that homelessness is a problem caused primarily by its’ politics. Causality. Now there’s a concept that ought to be taught to every Tory. If you do X you will cause Y.

As an ordinary member of the public who has to live with this party’s ideological practices, I find it tremendously offensive that a privileged Tory like Dudley intentionally uses words that seek to portray the vulnerable as being no more than rubbish lying around on the streets. Rather than seeking to help these homeless folk he treats them as if they were ‘detritus’ themselves.

Get rid of the ‘detritus’ and everything will be alright. The British obsession with all things aesthetic is profoundly vested in the Tories. Dudley wants Windsor to look pristine before the royal wedding. Never mind the reality. Never mind old fashioned values like care and compassion. Creating illusions that figure in fairy tales is far more preferable.


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