A scene from the movie ‘Airplane’ which could be a parody of the PM’s stance on Boris Johnson

How many lightbulbs does it take…? How many more and more serious gaffes does Boris Johnson have to make before he is asked to resign as Foreign Secretary? His latest error is a serious one of judgement. In one fell totally incompetent swoop Boris has put the future of the wrongly jailed British mother, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, at risk of being kept in jail for a longer period.

The list of Boris gaffes is long and consists of blockhead comments. There was the Mandalay comment. Then there was the ‘Libya could be Dubai’ comment if only ‘dead bodies were moved out of the way’. Now, Boris has committed what is possibly his worst moronic mistake when, at a committee hearing, he wrongly stated that Nazanin had been in Iran doing something that she had not been doing.

According to Boris, she had been teaching journalists in Iran. As a foreign minister Boris ought to have known that that would seriously jeopardise Nazanin’s future because her defence is that she had been visiting her family in Iran and had not been there for work related activities. Journalism is viewed as a subversive activity in many middle Eastern countries because it is seen as meddling with state controlled affairs.

Is it possible for a Foreign Secretary not to know this?

How many more gaffes? How long is a piece of string? How long before the Prime Minister decides enough is enough and what would it take? I am reminded of the last scene in the movie Airplane which has got to be one of the funniest scenes in the history of comedy movies.

A passenger hails a taxi at the airport at the start of the movie. The driver leaves the cab running telling the passenger that he will back soon. The driver then runs off into the airport, boards a plane and ends up saving lives by landing the plane safely when all the crew fall ill. At the end of the movie, just after the credits finish rolling, we are shown the passenger who is still sitting in the taxi. The meter has clocked up a $11,300 fare. The passenger looks at his watch and declares that he will wait another twenty minutes!

Watch the video and draw the comparison of the point that I am trying to make:


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