Community radio is the best thing since sliced bread

Today is ‘World Radio Day’ and it marks the success of how radio is a mega important means of communication by reaching into parts of the world and communities that would otherwise be forgotten. The deregulation of radio licensing has resulted in many community radio stations being established.

Last year I signed up with K2K radio and it feels as if I have a new phase in life. Community radio is the manifestation of the Latin aphorism ‘Carpe Diem’. ‘Seize the day’ if you have something to say. Sign up at a community radio station.

I seized my day and am a co-presenter at K2K radio. I present in a trio with two other friends and our show is called ‘Me, Myself and I’. My co-presenters are Geoff Payne and Pauline Pearce. We broadcast on the last Wednesday of every month.

Our next show is on 22 February at 8 to 9pm. We discuss politics, feminism and anything that is topical. Geoff is our smooth and cool DJ and he plays Ska music. Join us on our Facebook page.

Me, Myself and I


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