I Am Cool Because I Only Have An Old Fashioned Mobile Phone-No Internet Access

I have refused to give up my old Samsung mobile phone for years now. It does not allow me to take pictures. It does not have any provision for Wi Fi access. In fact, it does not allow me to do anything except to make calls and send texts. People, including my teenage daughter, actually especially my teenage daughter, have sought to make me feel ashamed for not ‘upgrading’.

Samsung E1200

Through it all I have stuck solidly to using my old fashioned phone which is so old that I could not even find an image of it on the web. The picture below is the closest I could find. Well, guess what? My time has arrived. An article in today’s Guardian newspaper called ‘Why Living Offline Became the New Status Symbol’ has upgraded my status. The strapline on the article reads as: ‘What better way to show you’re too cool to be ‘on’ all the time, that you need space to think great thoughts?’

I am now an upgraded human being and am cool, all in one go.

I am in the esteemed company of Eddie Redmayne, who admitted to using an old school phone that only offers calling and texting capabilities. Wait, it gets better. Steve Hilton, the PM’s former adviser who is now some sort of tech expert, has not carried a mobile for three years. What? You may ask in disbelief. My answer is if an Oscar winning actor and a techie from Silicon Valley (where supposedly all technology is invented) don’t need a smartphone then, heck, I certainly don’t need one.

I don’t want to be ‘connected’ all the time. I am happy reading my newspaper in paper form on a very unreliable train service to work everyday. In fact, the shoddier the train service (cancellations or delays) the more time I get to finish reading. If people need to get hold of me they can call or text. I don’t feel like I have been left on the shelf marked ‘dinosaur’ just because the best bit of my phone is the alarm which emits some sort of musical thingy.

While all of you with smartphones keep up to date every single minute of the day (with sometimes reading boring emails from supermarkets trying to sell you cheap stuff) I am blissfully unconnected till I get home and switch on the desk top PC  which feels like a treat.


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