Syrian women celebrate escaping ISIS by tearing off their robes

Syrian women celebrate escaping ISIS by tearing off their robes.This is the incredible moment elated Syrian women tear off their black shapeless robes as they enter Kurdish-controlled territory after fleeing for their lives from the clutches of Islamic State. In two video clips released exclusively to MailOnline, men, women and children are seen celebrating their arrival in Rojava in the north of the country. Two women pull off their robes to reveal colourful dresses while another removes her headscarf and lets it fly away in the wind after escaping religious persecution under ISIS

Syria-based freelance journalist Jack Shahine watched as the refugees arrived in the area close to Tel Abyad and about 40 miles east of Kobane. He told MailOnline: ‘These women, children and men are fleeing ISIS controlled area and as soon as reaching Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units) controlled areas they remove the black Burkas obliged by ISIS, breathing freedom again. ‘These women started to remove blackness, feeling cheerful and joyful for being finally free.’

The footage was filmed by Shervan Derwish, a cameraman and the spokesman for the Euphrates Volcano Operation Room – established by the Kurdish YPG and Free Syrian Army to target the Islamic extremists.


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