Policies on Women in the Conservative Manifesto

Jobs for all

we will make our economy more inclusive, by removing barriers that stop women and disabled people from participating in our workforce. To achieve this, we will back British businesses: cutting red tape, lowering taxes on jobs and enterprise, getting young people into work, boosting  apprenticeships and investing in science and technology.

A job is the best way to provide security for families

We now have more women-led businesses than ever before, more women in work than ever before and more women on FTSE 100 boards than ever before. We want to see full, genuine gender equality. The gender pay gap is the lowest on record, but we want to reduce it further and will push business to do so: we will require companies with more than 250 employees to publish the difference between the average pay of their male and female employees.  We also want to increase the proportion of public appointments going to women in the next Parliament, as well as the number of female MPs.

We will deliver a strong NHS through a strong economy

Building on our success in training thousands of nurses and midwives to become health visitors, we will ensure that women have access to mental health support during and after pregnancy, while strengthening the health visiting programme for new mothers.

We will boost sport in your community

We will lift the number of women on national sports governing bodies to at least 25 per cent by 2017, and seek to increase participation in sport by women and girls.

We will prioritise tackling violence against women and girls

We have made protecting women and girls from violence and supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence a key priority. We will now work with local authorities, the NHS and Police and Crime Commissioners to ensure a secure future for specialist FGM and forced marriage units, refuges and rape crisis centres.

We will toughen sentencing and use new technology to protect the public

We will improve the treatment of women offenders, exploring how new technology may enable more women with young children to serve their sentence in the community.

We will stand up for British values

Our long-term security and prosperity depend on a stable international system that upholds our values. Over the last five years, we have stood up for what we believe in: intervening to stop a massacre in Libya, leading the world in tackling sexual violence in conflict, and helping women and children who have fled violence in Syria. We will continue this leadership. We will continue to lead efforts to tackle violence against women and girls, end FGM and combat early and forced marriage, both at home and abroad.


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