Life Coaching Session at Powerhouse UK

Fancy doing something empowering during the Paralympics? Come and join us at Powerhouse for a life coaching session. Experience the buzz of the games with us.

Are you
1. An open minded person
2. Willing to make a difference in yours and other people’s lives
3. You want to be more confident
4. You want to add more vibe to your stereo

Powerhouse, the first UK charity for women with learning disabilities, in collaboration with the Happines Coach Simone Vincenzi, warmly invites you on the 3rd of september from 13.00 to 15.00 to an empowering, funny and interactive afternoon.

You will:
1. See what coaching is and how it can have an impact to create happiness in your day to day life
2, Learn how to instantly develop more confidence in yourself
3. Feel how the power of self love can steer you on a personal journey towards the happiness you deserve

In this highly interactive afternoon you will have a direct experience on how you can change your life and the life of the people around you, while supporting women, sometimes forgotten and discriminated by society.

Children and youth are most welcome and fun is guaranteed!!

Contribution: £8

We are looking forward to see you onboard with our fantastic crew and we wish you an happy, vibrant and and healthy life.

Powerhouse and Simone Vincenzi


Power House: The Powerhouse
St. Luke’s Community Centre
85 Tarling Road, Canning town
London E16 1HN
Phone:  0207 366 6336 /  0207 366 6338

Simone Vincenzi:


Phone: 07912689219



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