Friday, 4 August 2017

A Friday joke about working from home

Find your bare minimum and stick to it
Establish the least amount of work you can get away with per day and do not exceed it. For example, three emails and a colourful graph.

Do not forget that you have a job
24% of home workers can’t remember who they work for and what they are supposed to be doing.
Write your employer’s name and job title on a Post-It note and stick it to the wall above your computer – this is a vital reference tool.

Alternate internet and television
It’s easy to waste the day looking at Youtube clips of ghosts ‘caught on security camera’ and buying scarves. Every two hours, turn off the internet and turn on the television. 'Doctors' is quite good, also 'Real Housewives of Orange County'.

Perfect a ‘busy voice’
Working from home is all about self-justification, and key to this is pretending you’re busy. If anyone rings up, tell them you’re ‘up against it’ and ‘flat out’ in a deep, serious voice.

Work in intense bursts lasting 45 seconds
You can get more done in a sharp burst of under one minute than in a whole day spent in the office. For example, open a Word document in a really intense way. Then go and do something else.

If anyone tries to stop you working from home, mutter about ‘productivity’ and ‘creativity’
Sooner or later people will realise you’re dicking about. Fight your corner in true corporate style by looking upset, putting on a pathetic, whiny voice and saying some things that don’t make sense.

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